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Welcome to Everglow Investigations

Founded in 2017 by Helen Handley, who has a never ending interest for the paranormal, Everglow Investigations aims to seek out the unknown and delve into the secrets of the spirit world. This is our hobby and our passion. We take pride in who we are, and what we do. There are no tricks, but plenty of hidden surprises. Come with us on an adventure into the mysterious art of ghost hunting. We set up a series of scientific experiments intended on proving the existence of the paranormal, although on each of our events: nothing is guaranteed. We invite both newbies and seasoned ghost hunters along with us for a night you'll never forget!

Please use the menu bar or 3 lines on mobile, to navigate the site. Check out our Upcoming Events page to see where we're going and to book tickets. 

If you have any questions, please use the contact form below, or drop us an email. 


The legal bit

We are a professional paranormal investigation team with professional standards and strict rules. Here are some of them. This list is not exhaustive.
1. We do not allow anyone under the age of 18 or pregnant women on our ghost hunts due to the nature of the experience, and advise anyone who is pregnant against booking with us. 
2. Strictly no drugs or alcohol allowed. Anyone turning up to an event intoxicated will, at our discretion, be asked to leave and and money paid will not be refunded.
3. As this is an adult event, some bad language is expected, but violent, threatening language or behaviour will have you escorted off the premises immediately with no money refunded.
4. Due to the nature of our events, nothing is guaranteed. Our events are more science experiment than anything else. We do not “put on a show” and due to this, some events unfortunately have little activity. Bring plenty of energy and an open mind, and you won't regret it. 
5. We have no dress code except sensible footwear, and advise clothes to keep you warm as some locations do not have heating.

To book, please follow the link on our events page, send us a message via the contact form at the bottom of the page, or head on over to our Facebook page.

👻👻We look forward to meeting you!!👻👻


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